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BLRF and HS4

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    BLRF and HS4

    I use a lot of x10 motion sensors, they just have always worked great, upgrading to hs4 i plugged into BLRF, in the logs is sees the receiver and logs the sensors being triggers, I maped a shadow virtual device to a sensor on B7 but its not triggering the shadow device to go on and off with the sensor. anyone have any ideas? or uses BLRF with hs4 ?
    detail of setup in profile. Link to videos of my projects there as well. Over 300 scripts running every min and counting

    I use BLRF with HS4 but I don't have any X10 motion sensors nor do I use shadow devices. I have a few Palm Pads around and that's the extent of my X10 gear that's left.

    I just created a shadow device but I mapped it to a real HS (Z-Wave) device and it seems to work fine. When you say a shadow virtual device, do you mean an HS virtual device that you mapped as a shadow device? If so, make sure your virtual device isn't set to status only. You can't control a status only device.