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Disappointment with HomeSeer Store

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    Disappointment with HomeSeer Store

    I have bought many 3rd party plugins at the homeseer store, and it never seems easy. My latest experience was no different. I demoed a plugin and when I went to buy it, I had to search through the store to find it. Once that was done, I expected an email with the license and password. What I got was a link to a pdf file explaining how to download the plugin and a link to support to get the necessary information to register it. That was an hour ago, and still no license.

    Is it really necessary to change something that was cumbersome but worked to something that is more of a pain and doesn't work?

    OK, after rereading the pdf, I found the information I needed. Still....

    You should put in a support ticket on this frustration or the guys that manage this will most likely never see this.


      I've had the same experience and I know others have as well but in my cases and others, it's not HS's fault. My e-mail is hosted by Yahoo and they block some e-mails from the HS Store. You can get your license key by logging into your account on the store and clicking on your order number. The license key is at the bottom.
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        I have bough several Plugins and each time I received an email within a couple minutes with the License code for the plugin.



          Originally posted by Rupp View Post
          You should put in a support ticket on this frustration or the guys that manage this will most likely never see this.
          So its good that you notified folks. Thank you! But, at the same time it seems silly to put everything back at the user. Especially when they are already annoyed that things didn't go right. Not sure what happened to Don, and not sure if you're still a volunteer, but it may make sense for HST/yourself to create a communication/escalation channel such that when there are posts where a user has a valid concern that you can escalate to "appropriate" persons. Subjectively, that would bring this community forwards.

          Not everyone is going to submit a helpdesk ticket. Some people would rather leave to a different product than deal with regular support staff.

          I agree that HST can not read every single post like 20 years ago when Rich would engage himself directly. But a escalation path would help "appropriate persons" focus on the most important posts to respond to.

          Just my 2 cents. Food for thought... I too never have had a issue with the store in 22 years of purchases.
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