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Melbourne Australia: struggling to find a compatible alarm solution

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    Melbourne Australia: struggling to find a compatible alarm solution

    I live in Melbourne Australia and I’m looking to get an alarm system installed that will be compatible with HS.
    The vast majority of alarms available or offered by installers here are Bosch.. and all the ones regularly mentioned on here like DSC are really hard to find.

    I’d be happy with a DIY or professionally installed system.
    Is there any more recent tech that works with HS or failing that does anyone know of a melbourne installer or retailer that might have something that works with HS?

    thanks for the help!

    Can you order from the USA or is it super expensive? The basic DSC system is great, rock solid, doesn't require any monthly fees and integrates well with HS.


      Honeywell/ Ademco Vista 20p is another solid, lower cost system that integrates well. I have a DSC and 2 Vista systems with Envisalink EVL-4 IP interface on each.



        You may find it extremely difficult to find this in Melbourne or Australia. There are a few sellers on eBay that were in Sydney but I haven’t looked for a while.

        In addition, our laws are different to other countries and a lot more regulated so a lot of the distributors do not sell to other than registered installers.


          ELK (aka NESS in Australia/NZ - exactly the same thing just branded differently). We have an ELK M1G which has been rock solid for years. And we also have 2 zone expanders and the M1XEP which allows ethernet connectivity (e.g. iOS and Android apps) and connectivity to HS via UltraM1G plugin. Easy to program with the Windows based ElkRP software. Responsive enough (about a second) with HS3 to use it as motion sensors for lighting control etc.

          Purchased most of the system (expanders, keypads, PIRs, ethernet interface, battery management module etc) from eBay and online security stores, some based in the US.

          Take a look at the specs and the plugin subforum. The happy to provide more detail if you think this might work for you.
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          HS3 Pro Edition Windows

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            Elk M1 works really well with HomeSeer. Although I’m in Australia, I ordered the ElK M1 Gold a couple of years back from the US (a lot cheaper at the time than buying the Ness branded one). I bought the AU plug and battery here and my system has been very stable and great.
            The Ness M1 is the Elk underneath as they are the distributor for ELK over here but they rebrand the system to have the Ness logo.
            Great plugin (UltraM1) to control and interact with the alarm system for HomeSeer