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Suggestions for 4" LED coloured Slim Pot Lights

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    Suggestions for 4" LED coloured Slim Pot Lights

    I want to put in the 4" slim LED coloured pot light in my basement. I want to be able to control them with voice command and also with HS. Philips hue doesn't seem to have these. The ones they have are a retrofit which require a housing to install. I am looking for the slim design like this

    Can lights that are on wifi be added to HS? How is this done?

    Have you looked at the big5 plugin? I believe this will work in this situation but you may have status problems between the systems.


      I'm on a similar hunt for slim RGB lighting that can be readily interfaced into HS3.

      I've found two options for fixtures that could work, from GLEDOPTO and Mi-Light.

      The Mi-Light FUT062 has the gimbal:

      But the Mi-Light (aka Miboxer?) lights use their own proprietary 2.4ghz scheme, and I really want to avoid yet another lighting bridge. Near as I can tell their driver supplies 19.5 volts, which is higher than most others.

      The GLEDOPTO looks good, but is fixed position.

      The upside to the GLEDOPTO units is they're already zigbee and can pair to a Hue or deCONZ network (I have both).

      The place where I'd like to install these is under a soffit that has HVAC ducting inside of it. There's not a ton of clearance in-between the drywall and the duct, otherwise I'd look at the many other kinds of recessed gimbal fixtures out there.

      I'm open to using separate drivers if there are ways to get them to interface to other fixtures.