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Zoned heating control from disparate line-voltage and low-voltage thermostats

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    Zoned heating control from disparate line-voltage and low-voltage thermostats

    I am new to home automation but curious to try it, and after reading around I think HomeSeer seems great. I am considering getting the HomeTroller Pi while it's on sale for Black November.

    My first task is to make my home thermostats smart, but I am not sure the best way to go about it. Hopefully someone here will be so kind as to direct me down the right path.

    I am working with an older home in the US that has in wall electric cadet type heaters, which do blow air.
    - Most of the rooms are on high, line-voltage thermostats.
    - The main room is on a low voltage thermostat (says 30 volt max on back and just has two tiny wires [red and white] coming from the wall), I am assuming this was done because that room has 4 of these heaters which would have been too much wattage for a single line voltage thermostat, and so this is some kind of relay perhaps.

    I want to be able to
    - set modes such as home, away, sleeping, vacation, and when those modes are set have each thermostat go to a specified set point
    - control all this from a wall mounted traditional appearing thermostat
    - also be able to check and control this remotely from my phone
    - adjust an individual thermostat to a new temperature and have that setting hold until the next time the whole system's mode changes

    I'd like to be able to
    - trigger away mode when I lock a smart lock on my way out the door
    - trigger home mode when I unlock the door via smart lock
    - trigger sleep mode from a switch or button next to the bed (eventually hope to have that also turn off all the lights, lock all the doors and arm my alarm)

    How would you recommend going about this?

    The main issue I have been seeing is that the system includes both line-voltage and low-voltage thermostats. Otherwise something like the Stelpro Maestro would have been great.

    My current idea is to use a combination of products
    - for low voltage something like the zwave Trane XR524
    - for the line voltage something like the zigbee Stelpro ASMT402AD

    On the backend, I am assuming/hoping I could create some sort of rule set. So, for instance, if the Trane thermostat was changed to home state, that would trigger a change in the temperature set point on all the other thermostats. Same thing for away, sleep, etc.

    Would something like this work? How would it be done? Do I need to get specific plugins for all the components, or can I just connect them to the Z wave radio or Zigbee stick and read their state and set rules for controlling them?

    I considered Sinope as I see there is a plugin for it and they do have high and low voltage thermostats, however,
    - from what I understand, Sinope works through a web based NeviWeb meaning the system would fail it internet went down or their cloud was down (though perhaps I am not understanding how that works, or that was the old version)
    - It would lack a central controller where I could set the home/away/sleep state on the wall, which the Trane thermostat has (though perhaps I could get another device to serve that function?)

    I would assume it is highly likely there is a more elegant solution than what I have come up with so far, so any suggestions are appreciated!