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Looking for ZWave/Zigbee usb in UK

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    Looking for ZWave/Zigbee usb in UK

    Hi guys,
    I'm about to take the plunge and get a Pi HS licence, any cons on getting the Pi version over the full HS4 version?
    I have a spare Raspberry Pi4 4gb lying around so thought I could use this.

    I saw there are some zwave/zigbee usb sticks but based in US. Can anyone recommend one that would work for HS4 and from the UK?
    Preferably Amazon bought?

    Thanks all

    Hiya, the Pi version is restricted on the number of plug ins you can add, while the full version isn't. That may, or may not be a problem for you. If you are ever likely to want to move HS4 to a desktop pc, then the full version may suit you better. Clearly you would need the Linux version though.

    Be aware that the USA zwave sticks will run on a different frequency to UK ones.

    I haven't tried zigbee yet, but do have a in my HS4Pro Windows pc, and an older Aotec z-stick in a Pi3 with HS4 (Pi version).


      I am running HS3 on a Win10 desktop, with both Z-wave and Zigbee.

      I started with Z-wave and found it okay, then went to Hue for lighting using their hub. I wasn't happy with the range of Z-Wave even with repeaters, so tried Zigbee as an option.

      I have to say I am impressed with it, using a Conbee II stick and Aqara devices. Much cheaper, and smaller. The speed is also faster so I have migrated some of the Hue lights onto the Conbee II. Easy to use with the Jowihue PI and deCONZ. All available on Amazon UK.

      Hope that helps.


        Hi Walnut, Zigbee with Conbee II sounds interesting. Research mode ON !

        I must say that z-wave is rock solid here (4 bed detached modern house), but you do need a few devices to get the benefits of mesh networking. Looks like zigbee devices may be cheaper as you said


          Well it's been a month or so with the Conbee II and Zigbee. I must say I am impressed, they are far more reliable than my Zwave devices. It must be the meshing rather than daisy chaining.

          The only issues I have are setting up a switch. I can just about get the Hue switch working, but completely failed with the Aqara/Opple switch. I suspect it's just my lack of knowledge.

          The other issue is that CT is not responing to warmer than about 2700. This is Innr and Hue bulbs, so I moved them back to the Philips bridge.


            Just tested for fun zigbee v4.08 on hs4 . It is not near prime days.

            Paring device is a pain (take 3-4 times to het a pair) + not all devices are recognized correctly on first’’pairing’’.
            There is also no way to change sensor sensitivity level. There is no documentation of working device . This should still be alpha, but seems to be good enought for hst to label it stable.

            Better go the deconz route .


              I am still running HS3 as had a few problems with the upgrade to HS4 and I haven't had time to look into it.

              I find no problem using deCONZ and Jowihue, other than as I mentioned above.

              There are a few annoying bits, like not being able to change the sensitivity of the sensors etc.. Also motion sensors give the temperature but it is only visible in deCONZ and doesn't carry through into HS.

              The sensors are a fifth of the price of Z-Wave, so I will live with the shortcomings. Still have to use Z-Wave for those bits and pieces you can't get in Zigbee, such as sirens.