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How do you enable a 2nd line ???

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    How do you enable a 2nd line ???

    I have HSP with the PCI modem setup as line 1. I have 2 netcid devices working on 2 seperate lines. I know the NetCIDs are working properly. I can set CID info for line 2 in my script however I can't trigger events on line 2. In HS the phone events trigger only brings up line 1.

    I want to enable line 2 in HSP and HS. This way I can trigger phone events on line 1 and line 2. How do I enable line 2 (without adding hardware) in HS ?

    I posted this in main message group as I'm not sure if HS or HSP is the problem. Besides it runs my post count up so I can catch Rupp

    "The universal answer is 42."

    HSP only supports one line. See other post.

    PS If I answer all of your posts you'll never catch up.
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