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Puzzled - an event chain misses an event

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    Puzzled - an event chain misses an event

    I have a nightly run that runs a number of events like backup, date checks, etc.

    I have one event the includes a set of events in the "Run Event" tab. My problem is that one specific event does not run when the master event is run. All other events run fine. Nothing appears in the log, not even the event trigger. It's like the event is just missed. Moving the order of the list around has no affect - still the same event that is missed. The event runs fine on it's own if triggered manually.

    Is there a limit to the # of events that can be included this way? I have eleven.

    Any other ideas?

    What version of HS are you running. I had this problem about a year ago and worked with Rich on it. We never did get it working. I simply created 2 events to do the work of one and it now works. I believe there are some quirks in the multi triggering of events from one event.
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      Greg, I am running 1.7.0. I thought I remembered something about this a while ago but couldn't find it. I'll try breaking into 2 events and see what happens....Tx


        You can always write a small script to do that also. It would just be a list of hs.execEvent (or whatever the command is).

        I suppose you could have to sub-events with partial list of your events. That way you'd only have the master event trigger to change when needed.

        Master Event triggers and run multiple sub-events
        Each sub event contains a partial list of the events you really wanted to run but can't because of the un-explained HS bug.

        Just another way of doing it.

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