It sounds like a number of people have an FGBS-222 with a DS18B20 temperature probe.

When I connect these to my HS3 software running on a ZeeS2 device, the temperature reads great (within a degree of other devices), but if I leave it for a few hours and check again, it reads a wildly higher value (current temp is around 67F and it reports 83F-88F).

If I wait a while and check again it is back to the right value and back and forth.

To narrow down the issue I've tried:
- 2 different power sources: 9v @ 9mAh & 12v @ 2.1A - 2 different FGBS-222 units (1 from Amazon, 1 from Newegg)
- 2 different temperature probes (Amazon and Newegg again, look the same but have different colored wires)
- stripped extra wire to get a secure connection (power -> FGBS-222 -> DS18B20) and taped up
- placed indoors in the corner of a room to prevent disturbance

Has anyone else seen something like this?
The only thing I don't have two of is ZeeS2 devices, so wondering if it's a problem with that or the HS3 software maybe?