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Bizarre issue with lighting delays

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    Bizarre issue with lighting delays


    I have Alexa operating lights via Fibaro dimmers.
    I use HA-bridge for local control so no Alexa skills required.
    On and off commands are instant e.g. Alexa turn on/off living room light.

    However, bizarrely any dim command takes a long time to process. Sometimes the light dims in seconds but other times it can take 15 seconds or more. It can be very random. Clearly there is a significant difference in the transmission between on/off and dim commands otherwise this wouldn't be an issue.

    I've tried optimising the network multiple times.
    I've got Zseer to see that all the dimmers are talking direct to the controller.
    this all started about 4 - 5 weeks ago and thought it would rectify itself. Clearly I've rebooted all systems and devices involved to no avail.

    any ideas on these bizarre happenings?