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    Open Sprinkler

    Anyone know what's going on with the OpenSprinkler pugin? I can't find it listed in the HS3 or HS4 irrigation plugins lists. I'm having problems with it with HS4. The device page lists all of the appropriate devices. But when trying to set up an event, the only device that shows up for status or control in the event is the Controller device. The rain sensor zones, etc don't show up at all and so I can't use them in events. Also their status is not sent via http/json request to my tasker app like the other devices.
    I need to have a controller that works, Can anyone tell me how to fix these issues, or suggest a better controller (must work with HS4 and have a decent android app).

    You need to select the controller as the device. Then you need to select the feature like zone 1, etc. This is the new way HS4 works. There is the main device and the rest are features under that main device.

    Edit: I am including a screenshot
    Click image for larger version

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