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    people on linux will care


      Exactly. Cross platform is important. Backwards compatibility is important. Security is also very important. It is not just about features. Those people that only care about features will change their mind quickly once their family is threatened due to a privacy or security issue.
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        Features is what makes HS survive. As for security, the current .NET Framework is still supported by MS for quite a few years....


          Originally posted by jon00 View Post
          EVERY plugin would have to be re-written. For a developer it may make sense but from a marketing perspective, their decision was sound.
          We had to rewrite plugins anyway... Let's do it once and the proper way...
          Cross platform this would be a very big win.

          To me, this was a shortsighted decission.

          Originally posted by mulu View Post
          Features is what makes HS survive.
          Funny you mention 'features', because that's a bit what we are lacking now ;-)


            Originally posted by kriz83 View Post

            Funny you mention 'features', because that's a bit what we are lacking now ;-)
            That's why I prefer them concentrating on features. It's also why I don't care that much about changes in the UI which frankly for my use case made things worse. But I guess they need to appeal to the people who want to do everything through their mobile devices.


              1. Native Bluetooth support for seeing devices and reading RSSI via a local USB port with the event tools to make use of it. (If possible the ability to pair a device with it - I'm not an expert but iPhones randomize there BT address for security so you can't really use a specific BT address locally as a trigger - I "think" pairing would remove that obstacle. That would allow an iPhone to communicate presence directly w/out the need for cloud apps.
              2. Agree with MattL0 above on the event engine. I love HS, but many/most/all(?) competitors have have far more switch options for creating rules/events. "THE" reason I left SmartThings was cloud based slowness. "THE" thing I've missed the most is the options they have for creating rules.