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New to HS4 - downloaded trial and need help.

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    New to HS4 - downloaded trial and need help.

    I'm almost embarrassed to post this. As I'm not new to tech yet this seems like I have to be missing something.

    I "purchased" the 30 day free trial of HS4, installed it, and I'm stuck trying to configure the initial ""

    As far as I know I haven't received a license id and password (step 1).

    I received 2 emails after ordering.

    1) And order confirmation
    2) A link to download a PDF file (HS4PurchaseDoc.pdf)

    Where in this process would I have gotten a License ID and Password?

    (by the way, the link in the PDF to the quick start guide is broken)

    As I've said, I'm sure I missed the obvious so go easy on me.



    Did you check your email spam folder ?



      I have used and developed for this platform over the past 20+ years and am reluctant to upgrade to HS4 as it may not be as simple as one seems.

      So don't be embarrassed as you are not the only going down this path. Actually, I am glad that people are trucking through this so that HomeSeer Technologies can work out the kinks before I go through this. I am still running HomeSeer 2 and HomeSeer 3 as some of my "stuff" is too complicated to redo. Slowly upgrading...

      Take care.
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        Like said , maybe check in your spam folder.

        Or send an email to support :
        with your order confirmation order.

        you can also create a ticket here :


          You can re-download your license codes here:
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