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Zooz ZEN20 - Version Explanation

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    Zooz ZEN20 - Version Explanation

    If anyone is looking to purchase some Zooz ZEN20 Power Strip please be aware that there are multiple revisions.

    ZEN20 Version 1.0 - Original Release 2017

    ZEN20 Version 2.0 - Released 11/2018

    ZEN20 Version 2.0d - Release date unknown

    ZEN20 Version 2.0 - Installed Firmware: 2.03 Date Code: 12/19 -- Release Date Unknown

    This ZEN20 Version 2.xx one's can be identified by the angled plug, mounting screw holes and a cord length of 2 feet.
    Firmware versions: 2.01 and 2.02. Firmware 2.03 was released as a OTA file 8/2019.
    Depending on your controller this firmware might be identified as 2.02 or 2.2.

    ZEN 20 Version 2.0 - Firmware 2.03 Installed. This version has new hardware and adds the ability to monitor voltage and current reports to all five switches. The 2.03 firmware cannot be utilized in previous versions.

    All of the boxes will show ZEN20 Version 2.0 but the power strip will have the following on the back:

    Model: ZEN20 Ver 2.0d - Firmware: not listed Date Code: blank
    Model: ZEN20 Ver 2.0 - Firmware: 2.03 Date Code: 12/19

    I have contacted Zooz about the confusing Version numbers.

    I have been purchasing these since 2018 and have had two failures. The first unit from 2018 failed after 20 months and was out of warranty. The Smartest House offered me a reduced price on a replacement that was purchased in July 2020. The 2nd unit had a LED indicator on one of the switches and that unit was just replaced in 11/2020 under warranty. I also order two additional units on 11/16/2020 and that is when received one 2.0d (Firmware 2.02) and one 2.0 (Firmware 2.03).

    Both HomeSeer and Zooz have been working with me to resolve some nagging issues with the HS4 / ZEN20 integration. This has been documented in another post. I am able to control all five receptacles on the various ZEN20's that I have around the house controlling some PLC's and Christmas decorations.