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Voice dial address book with multiple numbers

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    Voice dial address book with multiple numbers

    I have my address book setup so I enter each person one time then put their multiple phone #s in the home,work,cell, etc fields.

    I like to use the voice dialing command to call these numbers so I don't have to remember them. However I can't get HSP to call any number besides the home phone # by voice command. I'd like it to work so that the voice command would be "Call Mom at Home" or "Call Mom on cellphone" or "Call Dad at work". Is this possible with the standard HSP or would I need a custom script? I know I can just make an address book entry for each number I wanted to voice dial but that gets messy.

    "The universal answer is 42."

    ISTR a problem with only the home phone working in early versions of HSPhone. I think I'm running HSPhone 2.0.175.

    I know for certain that "Call John Doe's cell phone" works. I have noticed that it helps to pronounce a double "ess" for last names that end in s. The engine, I think, appends ('s) to whatever the last name is when it creates the Voice Recognition phrases.
    Example: "Call John Jones's cell phone" is best spoken "call John Joneses cell phone"

    I'm pretty sure that "Call John Doe at work" should work. I'm not sure of the exact phrase, though--it could be "Call John Doe's work phone". Give a couple of variations a try.

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