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Sending commands from HS4 to HS4 !

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    Sending commands from HS4 to HS4 !

    Hi, my main HS4 Pro runs on a Win10 pc, but I have a secondary HS4 running on a RasPi. Both are on the same LAN.

    What is the simplest way of sending commands from one HS4 to the other ?

    I've had a search but can't find much about this, although I do already use JSON with Blue Iris 5 to turn HS4 lights on. Just wondering if there is a new HS4 way of doing it more simply.

    Using MQTT mcsMQTT or xAP mcsXap allows intercommunication between two HS instances. This can be original HS through HS4 for xAP and HS3 through HS4 for MQTT. There is also a different MQTT plugin that can be used for HS2 version.

    JON00 also has a connector that I believe spans HS2 through HS4.

    If it is just a few things you want to exchange then events and JSON would work as well.


      +1 for mcsMQTT

      I use mcsMQTT to send HS data to Home Assistant and visa versa as well as between two instances of HS4. It can be tedious to get setup initially but the auto association table in the plugin is a huge time saver.


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          Thanks for the suggestions

          Since I already have Node Red running with the main HS4, I had a look at that, and managed to make it communicate with both HS4 installations. Quite a learning curve with that one, but all working now