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    Enabling Web Page

    I have HS running on a computer behind a hardware router (Linksys) with DHCP running. My IP (Comcast) uses a dynamic IP for my WAN.

    The instructions in HS help are pretty clear but I'd like to get a step by step from someone who has actually done this.

    Also the help file talks about DNS and naming the computer. I'm confused. Doesn't my router assign a dynamic IP to my machines connected to it?

    If you have DHCP enabled then your PC's will request an ipaddress from the router. It's actually straight forward. Login to you router and find out your WAN ip address. Then on the HS PC bring up a dos prompt and key in IPConfig. The ipaddress listed here is you HS PC lan address. Then go back to your router and look for port forwarding, virtual server, or what ever your routers calls the ability to forward incoming requests. Add your HS server and the port that you have HS running on. Now if you key in your WAN ipaddressort number you should be directed to you HS status page. It would look like http://12.218.445.44:81
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