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Phantom events being triggered

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    Phantom events being triggered

    I'm noticing some events are being triggered for apparently no reason at all (well there's always a reason for everything) but here is part of my log file:

    12/3/2004 11:42:42 PM~!~Speak~!~Just a moment please.
    12/3/2004 11:42:46 PM~!~Speak~!~Friday. High of 48. Cloudy . .Friday Night. Low of 43. Rain .Saturday. Hi and Lo of 47 and 39. Cool with rain tapering off .Sunday. Hi and Lo of 43 and 35. Chance of a shower
    12/3/2004 11:45:37 PM~!~Event Trigger~!~Recurring Trigger (Turn off Master Bedroom Light every 5 min) M2 Off (Master Bedroom Light)
    12/3/2004 11:46:41 PM~!~Event Trigger~!~Voice Trigger (Good Morning)
    12/3/2004 11:50:05 PM~!~Speak~!~yes?
    12/3/2004 11:50:09 PM~!~Speak~!~yes?
    12/3/2004 11:50:11 PM~!~Speak~!~yes?
    12/3/2004 11:50:18 PM~!~Speak~!~yes?

    You can see at 11:46:41, my "good morning" event trigger fired without an attention command being receievd anywhere relatively near the "good morning" event. In other words, how could the "good morning" voice trigger fire without me first getting the computer's attention?


    That's what a false VR trigger does. Have you adjusted your VR settings in the speech control panel?
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      I bumped up the sensitivity a bit. I also just installed v6.0 of the recognition engine. It's not happening frequently but enough to cause a problem. My garage door opened last night while I was watching a movie.

      I dont understand how it would accept a command if it wasn't listening for commands in the first place?


        I don't understand how it would accept a command if it wasn't listening for commands in the first place?
        I don't either. It seems like the HS guys could some how code the software to not react to VR if the PC is in the not listening mode. It simply can not be that hard.
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          Hi Dan. Do you have voice command checked within the device itself(Garage) The it wouldnt need a verification. That is if in the main Voice setup you dont have confirm all checked.


            I dont for the garage, but even if I did it wont trigger without getting the computer's attention first. it's not about verification, it's about hearing my command in the first place. Unless i get the computer's attention and put it into "listening for commands" mode there shouldn't be any way a voice activated event can happen.


              So it's not even in listening mode. I never had anything like that happen. Strange.


                Well I sure can't find MS speech recognition V.6.0 and I would appreciate a link.

                HOWEVER, I did find a MS program for BACKING UP your speech profile (If I have to read those DXMN stories again I'll...)

                It's here:

                Should be part of the HS FAQ.


                P.S Said this before but I would NEVER use the microphone input for speech in XP. XP continually adjusts the volume and doesn't do a good job of it. I use LINE IN but even had a problem with that on a recent reinstall. XP kept lowering the volume until the computer heard NOTHING. The trick (and it is a trick) is to run the microphone setup wizard on line in and speak VERY softly. After that XP will leave the volume alone and you can adjust it until it works.