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Is there a HIGH Voltage RGB Z-Wave Dimmer

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    Is there a HIGH Voltage RGB Z-Wave Dimmer

    I have a LONG RGB rope light. (~52') that uses 120v.

    I am looking for a 120v Z-wave RGB controller. All of the ones I have found are 12/24 volt which won't work.

    I really don't want to Frankenstein 3x standard dimmers together into a group with members called Red, Green and Blue.

    So, does anyone have a better idea?

    I looked into replacing the rope light with a 12/24v style, but they max out at about 25' unless you get really dim ones that don't pull much power. Apparently at 12/24v the current in the rope traces gets too high beyond about 25'...

    Maybe it would be helpful if you posted a link to the product you want to control. If it's 120V, how does it control the colors?


      Both of my 150' long ropes are 2-wire, single color, 120V, and are dimmable using a separate 0-10V input. (AC I think?).
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        The connector to the rope is a 4-wire type, separate lines for each of RGB and Gnd, all 120V like an incandescent rope


          Well, I think you're out of luck finding a 120V RGB Z-Wave controller.

          Looking at the vendor site you posted they do have a 120V RGB Controller that is DMX and WIFI capable. That might be your best option, but even that would be a hack to get to HomeSeer control. There are MQTT to DMX gateways that might get you there.

          Seems like you're in uncharted waters. Good luck.



            I don't know if these are still available but does this fit your requirements


            Product Features
            • Controls three as well as four color LED strips giving you millions of colors of light and smart lighting capabilities.
            • 4 analog inputs supporting any sensors.
            • Four output channels allow for connecting and independently controlling each of connected light sources.
            • When connected to your smart hub you can check the live real-time power consumption and review usage history.
            • Supported wattage: 15a
            • Supported voltage: 120v battery
            • May be used as a repeater or range extender
            Product Specifications
            • Brand: FIBARO
            • Model Number: FGRGBWM-441
            • Z-Wave Cert Number: ZC08-14070003


              The Fibaro manual for that device says it powers 12/24V devices and never mentions 120V like the page you referenced does.


                yup, saw that a while ago and emailed them... typo... 12-24v only.

                what i will be doing is getting THREE Led rated dimmers and putting them in a group/scene on a pigtail, with the individual dimmers being red, green and blue. Luckily all of this frankenstein it stuff will be in a closet. It will be big & messy, but it will work. It will go into a 3-gang box and be properly insulated, grounded and all the rest...