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How do you contact HomeSeer Sales?

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    How do you contact HomeSeer Sales?

    I've previous posted an inquire regarding how to contact HS Tech Support, but I'm also having trouble contacting anyone in HS Sales as well. They do not seem to be answering any emails - although the email address is still listed on the HS home page. When I call the phone number listed 603-471-2816 - no matter what time of day the recorded messages says the offices are closed, but that you can leave a message and someone will contact you - except no return call or email is received.

    HS seems to have created this new portal for sales returns (and Tech Support Requests), but when I attempt to log in it tells me I already have an account (although I've never used this new portal) and that my password is incorrect. When I attempt to reset the password the system tells me it sent me an email link, but no email link is ever received. I've even tried using another email account on a different server thinking if I could just get into the system I could subsequently update the email address, but that doesn't work either - and yes, I have tried checking my junk/spam folders on both the email accounts.

    Does anyone know how to contact either HS Sales or Tech Support?


    Contact Mark Colegrove directly at mark at homeseer dot com
    He's usually very responsive.
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      THANK YOU - I will make a note as this has been weeks of frustration. I finally managed since my original post to get a new HS Portal Account via an alternative email address and managed to get Tech Support to resolve my primary problem.

      I don't understand why getting any response from HS has been so difficult. I think it's just a common business practice to at least reply to emails sent to the addresses they have listed on their own website (after all replies to emails can be done remotely).

      Thanks again!