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Brainstorm on an idea MP3 messages

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    Brainstorm on an idea MP3 messages

    I have MP3 files located on the network, those files are voicemail left when someone calls. There are different ways that I could approach it, although "I also need to consider how to make simple for my wife". Ideally maybe I could say "Alexa, read my messages" and it would go thru those files on the network and speak those thu Alexa. I searched this forum and I could not find any node-red Alexa that can do it, I currently can announce normal messages via Node-red Alexa TTS but I do not see it playing wav or mp3 messages. Another way that it could maybe be done, is using HSTouch and read each messages on it. Any suggestion or comment is very well welcomed , including scripts and etc.

    I tried to get Alexa to play mp3 files, but couldn't figure it out. Maybe someone smarter here has a solution, but my workaround was to use Sonos speakers and/or tablets running HSTouch.

    The simple way is to set up a routine in the Alexa app to run at a voice command. The routine triggers an HS event that uses hs.speak to play the mp3 file(s). Here's an example from one of my scripts - it can also be done in an event:

    hs.Speak("C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS4\Media\tos-turboliftdoor.wav", True, "HOMESEERSERVER:SAMSUNG NOTE TAB")