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    Wet To Dry Contact

    I just came across the $7 Zooz ZAC98 that converts a low voltage wet contact to a dry contact. It would then usually be connected something like the Ecolink DWZWAVE2.5-ECO or the Zooz ZEN16 Multirelay.

    For $7 it saves me from figuting out the correct reed relay for a couple of projects, including sensing the trigger out on my stereo reciever.

    Newbs should note that this is not a z-wave device. It attaches to a z-wave device or other sensors such as an alarm system.

    This looks to be just a relay with a low voltage coil and nicely packaged. In past years I used 24 VAC relay to interface with HVAC and if memory serves me correctly these relays were not that easy to find.

    I most recently used the low voltage Input with a 4 channel Qiachip to induce a unique RF signal. These things are often used with 4 button remotes. You can get them with RF receivers that have 4 dry contact outputs, but in my case I use Sonoff RF bridge that decodes the RF and informs HS that the input has been activated. The Qiachip is a couple of bucks on AliExpress.