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Total lost of all interfaces

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    Total lost of all interfaces

    I have both an HS3 and HS4 system and the HS3 system is in a remote area ..

    It has been 2 weeks since I last accessed HS3 .. and boy was it messed up .. I lost all Z-Wave interfaces, all Insteon interfaces (and now devices) and several X10 devices.

    Has anyone else experienced the disaster .. could it be as a result of the recent major W10 updates . and is there anyone that I can recover .. Last backup was approx 2 weeks ago .

    Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated . as there is approx 6 years effort ... .gone .. :-(

    I would restore the backup
    HS4 Pro on Shuttle NC10U, Win10; Z-NET
    Number of Devices: 449
    Number of Events: 210

    Plug-Ins: Arduino, BLLock, DirecTv, EasyTrigger, Honeywell WiFi Thermostat, MeiHarmonyHub, PHLocation2, Pushover 3P, UltraM1G3, WeatherXML, Worx Landroid, Z-Wave

    External applications: Homebridge-homeseer, Geofency, EgiGeoZone.


      I had the same problem with HS4. All devices and events gone. I could do a partial recovery from an old backup so you want to try this. For events there is an events.json.bak. For my z-wave devices I did a "Scan Existing Devices" but then I lost all of the names, rooms and floors for the devices. Since I have many similar devices it's impossible to tell from the features which device is what and going an activating them, running through the house to see which one now changed would take a long time. So I would not use that function unless you only have a few z-wave devices or you can easily distinguish between them by looking at the features.


        Also stop all W10 updates. I'm not primarily a windows user, but the pro version seems best to both stop updates and run a headless server. Running homeseer, or any HA system, is best on an old laptop or something like a NUC. Do windows updates manually.

        You will probably need to reacquaint yourself with HS file structure to recover the backup. Most of us are shocked into that need periodically.