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Swidget z-wave outlets

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    Swidget z-wave outlets

    I was doing some random googling, and came across these:

    You basically buy an outlet, switch, or a dimmer, and then add an insert to give you Z-Wave functionality. For the outlet, the insert lets you control one outlet and monitor the power of both outlets. Further, there are Z-Wave inserts that also add a USB charger, a guide line, a power out indicator, temperature/humidity, and temperature/humidity/motion.

    I'm really intrigued by these. We have a kitchen outlet that has two USB chargers, of which we use one. I need to control one of the outlets, and right now have a plug-in Z-Wave adapter, which really adds a lot of aesthetic "bulk" to the counter.

    And just for power monitoring, the only other Z-Wave outlet I'm aware of that provides this capability is the old Enerwave outlet, which has not gotten the best of reviews here.

    Before I bite the bullet and buy one or two of these outlets, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with Swidget already.

    Hi mikedr!!

    I'm interested if this kind of dimmer would be better in controlling fans than homeseer devices. I'm using HS dimmers and fan controllers to control bathrooms fans and air filtration control. However, I'm dissatisfied with fan control sensitivity. It is quite crude. Almost no speed regulation .

    I have sent email request for more info from manufacturer.
    Thanks for sharing.

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      Let me know what you find out. I'm not sure if those dimmers will work with fans, though.

      It appears that all the Z-Wave inserts are sold out right now, unfortunately. ETA is March, but you can't pre-order.


        Hi mikedr,

        Sorry i forgot about this. I have received response from manufacturer and their products do not support small fans.

        Best regards