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HomeSeer HomeTroller PRO Smart Home Hub add wave motion sensor

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    HomeSeer HomeTroller PRO Smart Home Hub add wave motion sensor

    I have a HomeSeer HomeTroller PRO Smart Home Hub and want to add a home seer motion sensor.I've downloaded the z wave plugin.I don't have a separate zwave interface.I assumed that the 1000.- pro hub supports z-wave natively.What do I select in the interface field in the plugin and how do I add the motion sensor?

    If it turns out that I need a zwave interface what has the largest range?


      I recommend the z-net. It supports both wifi and ethernet connection so you can place it wherever gives you the best coverage. And since it has wifi you can unplug it and move it next to a difficult to include item like a lock, or non zwave plus device.

      If you get the z-net I suggest you open the case, purchase a micro sd card and image the included memory card. The main failure in these units is that card which has a finite number of read/writes. Always nice to have a spare. You can of course buy replacement cards from HS, but you have to go through support which is currently lagging for a variety of reasons.
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