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    Shelf Lighting Suggestions...


    I'm starting the wall planning / construction phase of building out a dedicated theater room and will, of course, be trying to leverage HS as much as possible. :-)

    Part of this will be a number of recessed display shelves in the "lobby" area to hold various memorabilia, figures, models, etc. I have been looking for an LED lighting solution that would be easily controlled via z-wave but coming up short. I hope for some recommendations here...

    I will have about 15-20 recesses of various sizes across a single wall. At a minimum I want a system that will let me turn all the shelf lights on and off at the same time.

    Beyond that my next preference would be if they were all dimmable (again, a single dimmer would be fine)
    Finally, having an RGB option that I can do a separate light / color to each shelf would be great so I can give various tint glows based on the figure and theme of the shelf.

    For the most part I plan to just set up all the lighting across the shelves to the way I want and simply have an on/off that I trigger from various events. So if there's a great LED lighting option that I could just set up and simply have them all on a ZWave power outlet I'm good with that too. But dang I'm just having trouble getting even this far...


    Watch videos here : and

    TinkerLand : Life's Choices,"No One Size Fits All"


      Love them!!! Very simple and clear starting point. Exactly what I was looking for.