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How do I limit voice control to specific members of my household

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    How do I limit voice control to specific members of my household

    Hi All,

    I was watching the series "Finding Alice" on ITV (UK) yesterday and in the story, there is an automated home 😁.

    One feature i noticed (I know it is fiction) - that would be really good to reproduce in "real life", is to allow voice control for specific members of the home. In the first episode "Alice" can't open the curtains - but her partner could.

    I already have Alexa echo devices and SONOS One Gen2 devices that DO give me voice control to HomeSeer but I would much prefer to limit the HomeSeer commands to specific members of my household - like in the "Finding Alice" series.

    Alexa is far too accommodating since she allows pretty much anyone to do anything on MY AMAZON account.

    Ideally the solution would also work LOCALLY without any internet connection.

    Any ideas out there?

    Thanks in advance

    i know that my kids have their own Alexas and in their rooms it identifies them. id love to be able to restrict what devices they could access from their rooms.
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