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    Gen 7 Devices

    Other than the Aeotec ones, does anybody know any other products out there that are Gen 7? Where did Habitat get their Gen 7 interface for their hub? In other posts I've commented on how much better the battery life is for the Aeotec Gen 7 door contacts. Gen 7 brags of 10 year battery life. While I need to see it to believe it, even half that would be awesome. If once both ends are Gen 7 between the hub and the device speed/range is supposed to be quite improved too.

    There are a few things I'd still like to convert to z-wave and a bunch things I use like motion detectors I get tired of replacing batteries in, but knowing they're coming seem to make buying anything Gen 2 a bad investment. Waiting has never been a strong suit for me, but I've already replaced 90% of my original z-wave light switches and while there will always be "something" better coming, I'd like to think for what they cost it's not something I have to do every 5 years for eternity and becomes something I only replace when they die.

    Sorry for the rant.

    Same as you, i got tired for wide and universal adoption, and availability of Gen7 devices. Aeotec is overpriced and without competition it's not good for the consumer.

    For battery sensors I've been switching over to low-cost zigbee sensors and I couldn't be happier. Performance and battery life exceeds expectations. See my other rants about this in the forums