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Help with Event using Sonos speakers

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    Help with Event using Sonos speakers

    I am trying to setup an event to have a playlist of birds singing on one of my sonos speakers in the morning. It will start at very low and gradually increase in volume. After an hour, it will turn off. The speaker I am using is part of a Group of speakers, so I have to ungroup it from the group and then group it back into the group after the hour. The problem I am having is the grouping and ungrouping part. Something isn't right because it is playing on all speakers in the morning. Suggestions on how to get this working?

    Click image for larger version

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    Speakers can be in more than 1 group. I have three sets of speakers, announce, alarm and nighttime. Some speakers are in all of them and some are only in 1 or 2. Never had the slightest issue.