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Windows Dashboard for HS3/4 running on RPi

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    Windows Dashboard for HS3/4 running on RPi

    Hello all,

    I've poked around for a few days now and can't seem to find a solution for my problem....and to be clear, this is a lot about WAF.

    I have HS3 running on an RPi on my network and it works great. I have a mini-desktop machine in my kitchen and server style machine in my basement both running Win10. I have HS3 as a favorite in Chrome on the kitchen machine, but it definitely isn't very user friendly (or wife friendly) to have to open Chrome, click on the favorite, scroll down the list of devices, and decipher the cryptic meanings of some of my device names just to see the temperature or rainfall amounts outside or if the garage light is still on.

    So my question is this: does anyone know of a way I can make a nice-looking, one-click-to-pop-up Windows dashboard that will communicate with my HS3/RPi and give simple access to info and basic device control? I haven't yet found a solution.

    Any relevant thoughts are welcome!


    You might want to look at Jon00's tiles. I haven't loaded it yet but it looks interesting.


      Yep, I was excited when I saw that until I read it ONLY runs on HS running on Windows. So no worky for me.


        Does anyone here know if the Eventghost plugin runs on HS3 RPi?

        I'm wondering if I could us EG on my Win desktop to build a dashboard with backend links to my HS-RPi system. Anyone think that may work?

        Thanks in advance!


          Whilst it is getting a bit long in the tooth, you could consider my Web page builder package. It will allow you to control devices and provide status. An example from a user here:

          Unlike HSTile, this will work on Linux and can be displayed using any web browser. It may be sufficient for your needs.


            Thank you Jon00. I'll give it a whirl!