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    Originally posted by jasv View Post
    I use both (iphone for work and android for personal). I prefer android because the voice to text and swipe options are better. Otherwise, both work well.
    Not following voice to text.. You mean voice recognition? If so, what type of voice recognition are you trying or needing to do?

    Granted Apple is not the best at 3rd party integration. But I will say that the Homebridge project with HomeKit integration really does work. It actually is amazing how well it does work (figuring that it is not supported by Apple) with HomeSeer. I have started going down the Alexa approach (which works well) and then also have included Homebridge with HomeKit support.

    While I use both Allonis and Apple‘s „Home“ app, I am liking „Home“ via HomeKit more and more.

    My wife has accepted Alexa and integration of her with the house. She still hasn‘t accepted the install touch screens and other such stuff. While I also embrace Alexa and Amazons efforts, I personally prefer Siri and HomeKit as I have an Apple Watch which is always with me. So, I will definitely have either my Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad nearby. The biggest issue with the Apple Watch is that Apple for some dumb reason really wants to keep the bluetooth connection to the iPhone alive and route all traffic that way. I mean, I have noticed in passing that I could be half way down the block and it is still trying to talk bluetooth.. That is crazy - stop that craziness - go to cellular that is why I have cellular on my watch!

    Anyways, my goal here is to educate people and not debate.
    HomeSeer 2, HomeSeer 3, Allonis myServer, Amazon Alexa Dots, ELK M1G, ISY 994i, HomeKit, BlueIris, and 6 "4k" Cameras using NVR, and integration between all of these systems. Home Automation since 1980.


      Not following voice to text.. You mean voice recognition? If so, what type of voice recognition are you trying or needing to do?
      Yes, I mean voice recognition for sending a text or an email. I know that there are a lot of variables but I can usually use my voice to dictate a text with my android phone and it is usually correct while I usually have to correct something when using the iPhone. I have a similar experience using "swipe" to input text. I should note that it is only a slight difference and both work well.

      My wife and adult daughters have iPhones and Apple watches and love them. I have a Galaxy S3 watch and love it. I do have Alexa both here and in my mountain cabin controlling everything including lights, fireplace, HVAC, and alarm systems. A really useful feature is that I can switch accounts and control my mountain cabin from home and vice-versa using Alexa.

      Running HS 3 on Win10 .