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Zwave "dimmer" UI for fan controller -- Use a stepped slider or buttons to set level?

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    Zwave "dimmer" UI for fan controller -- Use a stepped slider or buttons to set level?


    I've been using Homeseer for a few months after retiring a decade-old Vera Lite, and it's been a pretty smooth ride so far. Currently, there are a few issues I'd like to resolve, chief among them is representing a 3-speed or a 4-speed fan controller in the web interface and the HomeSeer Mobile app in a way that matches the controller's functionality. Long story short, going from 51% to 63% on a light dimmer makes sense, it makes the lights a smidge brighter. Doing the same thing with a fan controller makes no difference in fan speed, and so, IMO, allowing the user to do this is, well, user-hostile.

    I'm looking to accomplish the following:
    1a) Either replace the smoothly moving slider with one that has 4 or 5 distinct positions that it "snaps" to (to indicate possible fan speeds). 0 for off, then 33 / 67 / 100 for a 3-speed or 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 for a 4-speed controller

    1b) Alternately, replace the slider with 4-5 buttons in a row, labeled Off, 1, 2 ,3, 4. What I'd like, however, is for the button with the currently selected fan speed to appear "on", different from the rest of the buttons in a row.

    2) I'd like word captions (label? status?) to appear in place of "Dim 21%" status, and say either "Off", "Low", "Medium-Low" "Medium-High", and "High" (or "Medium" for 3-speed). The issue I'm running into at the moment is that I can't have one set labels for the buttons, and a different one for status messages. If I go into the status/graphics options, in the status/graphics section, I cannot edit the "label" field. Using the "Status" text doesn't work, since there's no way "Medium-Low" will fit on one button in a row of four. But there's plenty of space for that in the status field......

    Anyways, I hope this post is clear (everyone: "Like butter!") and I thank you in advance for your help. I know Hubitat has a fan controller "driver" that supercedes regular "multilevel switch" functionality, and Home Assistant has a "Lovelace Fan Control Entity Row" (too bad the rest of its UI is a mess), so I'm hoping HomeSeer has a way to match its competitors' functionality.

    Welcome Odeen,

    1a) You can simulate multiple detents in the slider by creating an event that will change the value of the device to a preset value.

    For example, if the value X of the device is 0.1 < X<23.9 then set the value to 24. So anything greater than zero but less than 24 will move the slider to 24 (Low)

    1b) It's pretty straight forward once you get to know your way around the Status/Controls UI.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    2) It's included in 1b.