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HS with Zwave & x10?

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    HS with Zwave & x10?

    I am new to the HA game. Because of the strong user support, HomeSeer will be the software package that I purchase.

    I am excited about the zwave technology and as a first timer would like to go zwave exclusively. However, there are still a limited number of devices. I will need motion sensors and magnetic window/door detectors and HVAC.

    My question: Does Homeseer support controlling both zwave and x10 together?

    Thanks in advance to anyone that answers, this is exciting!

    Yes, Homeseer does support controlling both zwave and x10 together.


      For clarification, you will need an X10 interface(CM11A, etc) as well as the Z-Wave interface to control both.
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        Adding to what rupp said.

        I am using a cm11a with my X10 EagleEye motion detector to trigger a Z-wave device. For me it was just too slow so i deactivated the motion sensor for now. Many people have recomended that i get the w800 which can recieve RF x10 commands directly and insert them directly into you PC. There is no power line involved making it faster.

        I have not upgraded to the w800 yet because of the price. Its about $60 or so and i cant justify spending that just yet. When the Z-wave motion detectors do come out i will wait to see what everyone says about them befor buying anything.
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          overall... do you think its worth incorporating z-wave into my hs x10 sys now(ie new product w/bugs, etc). it seems waiting might be the prudent choice.
          whats your views on z-wave? it sounds more reliable (ie signal jumping f/one device to another, smart route, etc.)
          however, hearing about blown zwave devices makes me nervous considering the price dif from x10 devices.

          thanx, lw
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            I would recomend that you hold off for a few months to see where ZigBee goes. Z-wave is a great technology but ZigBee looks like its going to grow faster than Z-wave. If i could do it all over again i would wait. But since i can't do it all over again then i pretty much don't have a choice but to maintain my Z-wave devices.

            Mixing x-10 devices with Z-wave devices is fine. But using x-10 through HS to control Z-wave has not been very practicle for me. Like i said befor the w800 may make a world of difference. I would say that if your going to use x-10 then use it to control other x-10 products not z-wave stuff.

            I handle my Z-wave devices with events in HS. Until the motion detectors come out im gonna leave all my z-wave devices on timers. Meaning HS polls the device every 30 seconds... If it detects that the device has changed from off to on then it start the timer and when the time is up it turns the light off. If HS detects that the light has changed from ON to off then deletes the current timer so that the next time your turn the light back on there isnt the possibility of two timers being active.

            Z-wave motion detectors should be right around the corner. The v1.24 remotes can already associate the motion sensors to another device which should make turning on a light when motion is detected almost instant.

            From my experiences X-10 is a pain in the but to get working. Other have no problems at all. So my first recomendation is wait atleast until Feb to see what new stuff comes out. You may even want to wait until March just to let everyone else rush in and buy zigbee stuff first and give them a month to use it. This way you can get an opinion about how it works before investing any money.

            If you do deside to jump right on this just make sure you buy your z-wave stuff from or ask the people who you trust most who they recomend you buy from. Don't always go for the cheapest place because youll regret it in the long run. Pick your dealers because of their customer service. Since Z-wave has a history of blowing and other hardware issues you want to make sure you will be able to get a quick replacement without the hassle. From my experience martin is the best when it comes to customer service.


              Thanks Everyone!

              Thank you all for your responses. I think I will buy the USB Z-wave comp. interface and some switches and outlets now. In Feb. I will see what they have and go with x-10 hvac and motion only if the z-wave doesn't have it. Good to know that HS can support both incase z-wave or zigbee take too long to release other components.

              Thanks again.


                Zwave HVAC should be out by then. I would wait for it. The issue of modules blowing has been fixed in ACT/Home Pro brands. Motion sensors should come right after the HVAC.

                Follow this link for pics and more info.


                Zwave don't have any outlets yet but lamp/appliance modules.

                I'm a big Zwave supporter and installed it in my house and phased out all my X10, now just waiting for motion sensors.



                  The zwave thermostat is out July 15th, and Martin at said the motion detectors are coming real soon!!


                    I need some ZWave Thermostat advice. I presently have a Txb-16 thermostat and need to add several more. The problem is that the TXB-16 utilizes a whole housecode. I like to organize my rooms on separate housecodes so that I can quickly perform an "all lights off" command. Adding several more x10 thermostats would seriously eat into my available housecode supply.

                    My questions:

                    How are the z-wave devices controled in HS? Do I have to write scripts? Can I also add the z-wave devices to my web server and if so, how is that achieved? Ultimately, I will have 8 thermostats installed in my system and I need web control. Although I am an electrical engineer, my software writing education was late fortran and early "C".





                      All Zwave devices have a house code and a device code that you can assign.
                      These can be a standard or a virtual hc/dc. My zwave devices are y1 through y36.

                      The thermostats do not require an entire house code. You assign a virtual house and device code and you can controll it both via the GUI and via the web utilizing the special buttons built into it. I have four thermostats coded as t1,t2,t3 and t4.

                      You shouldn't have to do any scripting because when you select the thermostat in an event the commands for it are available as part of the event. As an example I have an event that when my office becomes occupied I set the thermostat to on with a cool set point of 78 and a heat set point of 68. When the office becomes vacant I have another event that sets the thermostat to "OFF". I have my HVAC with 4 zones each being controlled by a zwave thermostat.

                      I am using the RCS thermostats bought from Homeseer. I don't have any experinece with the Act/Homepro ones found at

                      So far, I am very happy with both Zwave and the Zwave thermostats

                      Running HS 3 on Win10 .


                        Thanks Jasv,

                        It was the X10 RCS TXB-16 that I was refering to as taking up a whole housecode. I like the way the web interface pulls up a picture of the tstat face when accessed.

                        On the zwave tstats, I guess a device would be enough but I did like the picture of the controller


                          Originally posted by tnichols
                          Ultimately, I will have 8 thermostats installed in my system and I need web control. Although I am an electrical engineer, my software writing education was late fortran and early "C".
                          Well, you can use Visual Fortran 77 .Net...

                          Sorry, I couldn't resist...


                          PS. vbscript is pretty good, and easy to learn.