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Security Hard Wired Sensors vs Window Industry

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    Security Hard Wired Sensors vs Window Industry

    Wasn't a good place to post this ... SO it's in the General Area...

    My house all security sensors are hardwired into the windows and doors. All sensors are embedded or hidden from view.

    we are looking to replace windows and a few doors. Much to my surprise, the WIndow and Door Industry hasn't nor will they address hard wire sensors in their solution. They fully expect you to abandon the wiring in favor of wireless.. or call your alarm company they will fix this.(that's me)

    I would prefer to keep the wired solution .

    How did you keep your wired sensors if you replaced windows and doors.? can you share a photo of your sensor.

    If they leave the wire hanging out from the window frame I don't want ugly bulky sensors visible. I found TANE PILL sensors that appear to be small

    Click image for larger version

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    Thanks for your feedback and sharing your experience ....


    I had replacement windows installed in my home. Cutting around the frame to remove your old windows will likely cut your alarm wires too. If you're removing all the interior trim from around the windows you'd probably be able to access your wiring and could then disconnect your sensors and feed your wire back into the wall cavity to save it.
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      jmaddox...... hadn't thought about them cutting the wires....

      It's disappointing to see the Window industry totally ignore this feature....

      Can't seem to convince the WAF to simply brick up those openings.... better security and cheaper than new windows....


        i was home during the install and made sure it was noted in my sales agreement that I would be saving the wires to be reconnected.. I also had wires for my Rollatrol shades
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          can you share any photo of how you reconnected your sensors. I'm trying to wrap my mind around where the wire should protrude from under the window. Also if you replaced doors how did you save those?

          which sensor did you go with ?


            Maybe this is an option?
            Lot of alternatives; without resistor/tamper/screw connection (mold wire), cheaper, smaller, adjustable (can't find them anymore)


              Broes ,

              Many thanks I've never seen a microswitch style. These are nice devices.

              If these require drilling a whole in the unit, the manufacturer will void the warranty.

              I'm scratching my head on how to install a device.


                i notched the pvc edge they installed to cover the gap
                and ran the wires under it
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