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    Remote Car Start

    I see that there are a few postings here about remote car starting. I just has a dronemobile compatible auto remote installed in my Subaru. I am using HS4 to trigger a start through an event. The approach I am taking is rather messy and crude, but it works. I have recorded the command to start used by google home and have a mini speak the command and pin by using SPUD's chromecast plugin. It works fine but have to automatically mute any surrounding audio devices before actuating command. There is very little on the web about dronemobile app api, but it appears to exist. I am mostly interested in getting vehicle status on a "Get" and posting the data to virtual HS devices for use in my home dashboard (this is a web page that uses google chart api to display weatherstation, fireboard, Blade's alarm system , nest cameras, withings data and more) I would like to post my car status to the dashboard. I am fine using the messy approach to starting and stopping the car, but likely if a breakthrough on the api can be done starting and stopping should be accomplishable.

    Has anyone been able to access Dronemobile data?




    How are you ensuring that there are not any life safety concerns? What safety protocols have you implemented? I presume you don’t have a garage which the car is stored in?

    I can see the technological coolness in this, but the day to day practical aspect not so sure. You are not actually starting the car based on some schedule?

    I am in Minnesota and the weather this weekend is close to -35 to -50 windchill and I can see the benefit of having a remote start key fob, but due to life safety concerns would never remote start our cars via any technology that the car manufacturer didn’t provide. I guess I am the type that doesn’t have their fireplace activated via anything but a physical switch either. Been around technology over 40 years and have seen plenty of odd technological behavior where things went unexpectedly wrong. For things which life safety is a concern, would never use automation.

    Think about it. Wouldn’t want to read in the news “automation enthusiast was killed by remote start experiment due to unforeseen accident”.
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      Watching this thread. I have a 3rd party auto start feature on my Lexus. This would be cool, but the service for my Auto Start would require an additional kit and a monthly service.


        Many of these newer systems have Alexa/GH integration as well so you should check on that. I can start my new Ram using Alexa. It's come along way since I designed this master piece This still works today on my 96 Maxima.


          Starting its no problem. I start it from Google Assistant and Homeseer using a google mini. I would like to get a status from vehicle to bring into HS4


            On the Life Safety considerations I am in full agreement. Luckily my car is outside away from house