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All X10 devices now migrated to Z-wave, except Barking Dog - looking for help

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    All X10 devices now migrated to Z-wave, except Barking Dog - looking for help

    So, as the title says - finally all my X10 devices are no more, but I still need to replace the barking dog in the basement, triggered by a motion sensor. I had hoped to perhaps be able to re-use the device using a Z-wave power module, and simply switch it on and off for a fixed number of seconds - but I don't have the expertise to figure this out. The button on the back of the device, when pressed, only gives a brief rather than continuous bark.

    It would seem simple to trigger a wave sound file when motion is detected, but my PC and speaker are not located where I'd like the sound, and I don't believe it's possible to send a sound to a specific speaker without using more hardware.

    Alexa Echos are pretty cheap - would there be a way to send the wav file to a specific Echo device?

    I'm sure that you clever guys out there have come up with a simple solution - could you offer some suggestions?

    I have several of those barking dogs and don't run them through HomeSeer, as its much easier to let them operate completely standalone.

    If the 'X10 Eagle Eye' or whatever motion sensor you are using is set to the same house code barking should commence when motion is seen.


      But I don'twant the dog barking all the time, especially if I'm home. So, I've always had it configured to run through an event, which checks various criteria and only then sends an "on" command to the dog - and for that I need to keep the CM13A, which has become very flakey.


        I use a CM11A which has been rock solid for me, in fact I just got a brand new one off of eBay for $25.

        The free X10 CM11a Mark Fisher plugin works very well with that interface but requires a serial adaptor.

        But I am not sure that would to solve your problem as what you really need is a z-wave appliance module.

        That way you can simply kill the power to the barking dog unit and only enable it when the spirit moves you.