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Help moving license for HS2

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    Help moving license for HS2

    I wrote a lot of code to manage my whole house audio system in HS2 - all in vb script. I really don't want to move it to my HS3 installation as it is working fine. The only problem is that it is running on an old PC that I used for HS2.

    I have been in touch with tech support about generating a new license for HS2 on my new server so I can just move it over and worry about it later. Also this will allow me to shutdown this old server that is not exactly the most efficient machine.

    But alas, I am told that there is no way to generate a license code for HS2 any more.

    I have HS2 installed on the new server - just need to license it. Does anyone have any idea how I could go about doing this? Thanks.

    Try copying your Licence.bin from the config folder on your old server to the new one. Make sure both are shut down before copying. Or better yet just copy the whole hs2 folder over after installing HS2 on the new server.

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      Contact Greg Hughes at Homeseer support, explain your problem, and ask him to give you the new version of the HS2 file Scheduler.dll. Since you had a license for HS2, this version of Scheduler.dll removes the license-checking.

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        Thanks for the help. solved it!