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Does anyone else still prefer incandescent/halogen lighting over LED?

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    Originally posted by mrceolla View Post
    Is there a word for lighting connoisseur (aka snob). Like audiophile for audio? Lumiphile? Photophile?

    Is there anyone else out there that can't bring themselves to using LED for general area lighting?
    This was me until about 4 years ago! I am one of the lucky ones who can see florescent lights flicker so moving away from incandescent was hard. CFLs were torture. When my giant case of GE 100W bulbs got run over in the garage (LONG story) I was forced to find an LED I could live with. I spent about 5 years trying out everything out there. I like a temperature of 2700 to maybe 3200. 3000 during the day and 2700 at night. As you know, a dimmed 3000 is not 2700 and I wasn't going to swap bulbs out every day. Then I came across LIFX bulbs. They had a wonderful bulb that produced a beautiful 3000 white and also a 2700....and 16 million colors! Been hooked on them every since Ultra finished his plug-in for them. Used their strip lights for under-counter lights to produce very even lighting and very high WAF. Have 32 of them installed.

    The only thing I haven't found is a good LED spot light. We have uplighting by our plants and downlighting on our staircases. Like to dim both. NOTHING beats a nice warm halogen spot, IMHO.



      Originally posted by mulu View Post
      What exactly does that have to do with HS?

      I haven't read the entire thread but LED lights are available with different k ratings. No such options where available with icans, as far as I know. So you have more choices with LEDs.

      CRI ratings? I understand you care about this in a museum but around your house. Seriously???

      Btw, we use a lot of lights around the house during night time. I just added more lights and I am not done yet...
      Obviously, you sir, are not a Lumiphile! :-)

      HS content: We control these lights with HS!