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Homeseer vs other HA setups?

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    Homeseer vs other HA setups?

    So, I've been doing HA for a while, even as back as far as X10. I've been with Blue Iris, Wink, Smartthings, and currently Hubitat.

    Hubitat (using a C7 hub), has by far the *worst* dashboard and mobile experience. (Yes, yes, ideally the home "runs" itself, but we know that's not always how it works.)

    Biggest gripes from Hubitat are

    Having to have Alexa fire routines multiple times before everything works. Example: I tell Alexa to "turn on goodnight", which turns off all the lights, and turns on the bedside lamp. Quite often, a cabinet light will "stick" on, or a similar light won't turn off. A second (or even third) try is needed to get it to work.

    Having timers quite often do nothing. I have one that is supposed to turn off a given light after 5 minutes, only to walk by an hour later and it's still on. I tell Alexa to turn it off, and off it goes. Smartthings had *zero* issues with this. I even have a polling routine running to check statuses on non-Zwave Plus devices. Still stays on.

    The dashboards are an utter **** way to display *any* information. They're worthless on mobile, and no way in hell am I installing a tablet on the wall just so I can do a simple task. I'm sure it's great if you're in to tinkering endlessly, and have a patient spouse. Mine wants things to "just work".

    I had subscribed to Rboys Smartthings apps and device drivers (they're amazing!), but the new app wasn't going to be as friendly with Groovy/IDE (which is how you add/edit/replace drivers and apps.

    So.... I'm saying "Eff-it!" and looking at HomeSeer (specifically the Hometroller Plus). I want to be able to easily integrate with Alexa, easy to create routines (WebCore is just more work than I'm after), manage the home remotely, and just overall WORK. I have Jasco/GE switches/outlets, Aeotec sensors, Xiaomi sensors, Osram LED strips, Schlage door lock.

    Thoughts? Opinions?

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    I came to Homeseer a couple of years ago after leaving Vera. I haven't used any of the platforms you mention, so can't compare. I'd suggest you search the forums for these topics:
    For mobile apps, I use HSMobile (native to HS) and HSBuddy. I don't use them to control anything, just monitoring. Geofencing with HSBuddy is rock solid for me. HSMobile does not have geofencing. Others use other apps.
    Alexa integration has been great for me. Others have issues from time to time, some are currently having a problem since an update. Huge WAF in our house.
    For events (routines, etc.) check out the HS3 Event Clinic to compare how HS does automation compared to what you're familiar with. Even though we're in HS4, the clinic still applies. It is very helpful, as the structure of an event has a bit of a learning curve. It is really powerful.
    Timers in HS count up, not down. I don't use them, but some have an issue with that. For what you're describing, check out Delayed Device Actions in the Event Clinic.
    I'm not familiar with some of your devices- any zigbee items I have are controlled via Jowihue, a paid plug-in.
    I recently started using Node Red with HS. It allows for Alexa TTS notifications. There is not a native solution for that at this time.
    Overall, I'm very happy with Homeseer, but I haven't looked at many others since Vera. I don't see myself moving from HS any time soon.
    I'm sure others with far more experience will chime in. Good luck and welcome!