Just starting to look at HomeSeer for my home. I currently use a Universal Devices ISY to manage all my INSTEN devices, and for some basic integration with my ELK M1 security system, Russound wholehouse audio, and a few other things.

This is a basic description of what I do through the ISY;

- Use the ISY to manage and control my INSTEON lighting devices.
- Use Amazon Echos throughout my house to control INSTEON, Russound and my ELK - with the ISY as a middle-man.

Is it reasonable to think I can replace this functionality with HomeSeer?

I was looking at the HomeTroller Pi, but the 5 plug-in limitation seems like it could be an issue for me. Does triggering actions using Amazon Echos require a plug-in? I also see that the Pi specifically says it supports "Linux Plug-ins". Do most plug-ins support the Pi?

I do have an always-on Windows PC, but if the Pi is more reliable and simpler plus cheaper I'd go that route. Are there big advantages of going with a Windows install?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.