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Best practice for Z-Wave Interface location and Door Locks

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    Best practice for Z-Wave Interface location and Door Locks

    I have a HomeSeer HomeTroller Plus running with a separate z-wave Z-Net Ethernet interface. They are located in my server room/rack. I have almost 100 wired z-wave nodes (20 +/- battery only) on my network mixed with Z-Wave and Z-Wave plus devices in a 3 level home with garage and out-building. There are 5 door locks around the house. Only one of the door locks is near the z-wave interface. Some of my door locks are near older z-wave devices while some are near z-wave plus devices. In order to add the door locks to the network, I typically would bring the z-net ethernet interface close to the door lock. This typically works well without too much drama (they are door locks and they can be finicky). All of my door locks are Yale Assure Z-Wave Plus devices.

    Occasionally I will see in the logs a missed door lock request. My question surrounds z-wave interface placement with door locks. What do folks generally find as a best practice with door locks? Would it be better to place more z-wave plus devices closest to the locks (there are older z-wave devices there already) or should I invest in another z-wave interface to control the locks that are occasionally missing requests to lock/unlock? Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks all.

    Core Devices
    HomeSeer HomeTroller Plus Smart Home Hub running HS4

    HomeSeer Z-NET Remote Z-Wave Interface (US)

    Door Locks
    Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave Plus

    Switches are mostly HomeSeer HS-WD200+ Z-Wave Plus Scene Capable RGB Wall Dimmer, HomeSeer HS-WS200+ Z-Wave Plus RGB Wall Switch, and older GE Jasco wall switches and dimmers (not Z-Wave Plus).