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How to set up Speak Something?

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    How to set up Speak Something?

    Never mind, I figured out:

    It sounds like the latest version, HS4 has broken Sonos TTS integration.

    --- Original Post ---

    Please forgive my ignorance. I just started to test HomeSeer (trial version day 1). I try to setup a simple Events from UniFi Doorbell ring to Sonos TTS announcement. I found older posts but I can't seem to find the latest iteration.

    For Speak Something action target, I need to fill in Manual Client Name. What have I done wrong here?

    I surmise it would automatically list target speaker devices i.e. Sonos since they are listed under devices but they aren't.

    If I need to manually entire client name then how do I find the host:instance info?

    Thank you

    The last H4 version has added the capability to create manual speakerclients. You do need to read the help file on how to create linkgroups etc and for some bizarre reason the help link in HS4 are gone.
    So you can pull up the help file with URL: <your HS pc IP adressort>/Sonos/Help/Help.htm


      Thank you. I got it work but a bit more cumbersome than I had imagined from finding help file, requiring to get access to older version web page and then setting up sonos speaker link groups.

      I had hoped more of installing plugin. Automatically created individual speaker entities, all speaker entity and then simply set select those as target speaker for TTS.

      Hope this will get fixed in your beta. Also TTS regional set is something I still haven’t figured out (not sure even capable).