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Bricked SEL

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    Bricked SEL

    has anyone else had issues with being locked out after an upgrade.??

    I had to restore my homeseer hometroller sel after some electrical work as it wasnt showing all my devices (only sonos) after the power was restored.... I was able to login to complete a restore, and after the restoreI was able to perform the upgrade from hs3 to HS4. But after that reboot my system seems to have been turned into a brick as i can no longer to either the homeseer website to manage my account or to access the system.(directly or indirectly)

    I attempted to reset my password but never got a password reset email....

    I've also emailed support but no response there either.

    BTW all my passwords are kept in a password vault and havent changed so I know they are correct and as stated above was able to use them to login -- restore and upgrade.......

    What is your support ticket ID and I'll have a look.



      Rupp I'm all set now with the unit functioning HSCS-6576.-- it appears that it was a multitude of minor issues that came together to form the perfect storm.

      I still have the Email issue to address HSCS-6616. As I can only recieve mail to my Gmail account. It appears that zoho ( or someting in my users settings was (and still is ) blocking emails from Homeseer. I went through all my spam filters but dont see anything that would block email from the Homeseer domain . I am still investigaiting on my side. though its possible since i dont like SPAM that i blocked all email somewhere triying to block HS marketing spam....

      In regards to HSCS-6576 even though I had performed backups after my firsty install, configuring and also after upgrading to HS4. the only backup that i could find was the original hs3 syustem backup from my first install. which was from before i had configured any local accounts. .I am also all zwave.
      Being a keepass user - I had some old credentials that i never use with these I was able to SSH into the SEL and verify the OS was intact. I was also able to locate my old MYHS credentials and at that point was able to get back into the system...
      (only my SONOS configuration survived ---- LOL )
      after logging back in i was able to rebuild my zwave network and re-write all the automation macros

      thanks for all the heelp from HS on this