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Zooz zen32 switch + scene controller (beta firmware)

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    Zooz zen32 switch + scene controller (beta firmware)

    Today was a rainy day so I had a chance to get this installed.

    Fyi it is a load controling z-wave switch (referred to as a relay by Zooz) with 4 extra buttons. I included it to HS4 with a ZStick on a Windows 10 NUC. The install was like any z-wave switch and can be used in a 3-way configuration, though I did not.

    My intended use case was to replace a wall switch with the relay button and use the 4 scene buttons to pick one of 4 schedules with visible indicator of which was chosen. I have a similar either-or scenario configured on a Cooper Eaton Aspire RFWC5 in conjunction with a virtual device.

    The relay has multiple modes and can operate a load by the main button, operate the load but only via events and not by the button, disable z-wave control or no load at all. The buttons can be Associated with other devices or used as Central Scene components, which is what I did.

    Only 3 devices are created, the parent and two children; a Central Scene device and the relay switch. The switch is pretty straight forward with on and off.

    I was accustomed to buttons as child devices like on a Cooper Eaton Aspire RFWC5 or a scene only device like the Aeotec Minimote so this was the first Central Scene device I have used. Buttons 1-4 get scene values of 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 with variants for multiple presses, press and hold, etc. The relay triggers Scene 5000 as well as the Switch child device. you can disable the relay and use it just as a 5 button scene device.

    All buttons can have 4 colors red, green, blue and white. I wish there was a 5th color, just so each could have a unique indicator, but its a minor nit. There are also a couple of LED modes; on when on, off when on, always on, always off.

    The "on when on" and "on when off" gave me fits as the scene buttons would send "Switch Set to ON/OFF" just like the relay on presses after the first time. Adter reading the forums, this behavior seems similar to the HS-WS200+, where the device doesn't resend the Scene indicator on subsequent button presses, just on/off values. I associated the buttons to HomeSeer to try and get more status info but I couldn't figure out how to confidently confirm if a button was on or off. As I lose power a couple times a year when someone drives a semi down the wrong street, I need positive confirmation.

    Since I couldn't find a way to check the scene state, I took a brute force approach and changed the LED indicator parameters between always on and always off, disabling the 3 buttons not pressed and enabling the one that was pressed. To be sure I caught the scene identifier, I used a script command to set the Scene Controller to scene 5000 (relay) after any button was pressed. (Thanks to user Wade in the forums for that idea)

    This is functioning so my family can now tell at a glance which schedule is going to wake us up in the mornings so its a win, even if not the way I expected.

    FYI, to set the scene controller to scene 5000, I used the code below in events as an immediate script action. 544 was device reference id.


    To get the ref id, I went to Tools - Run Script Command
    &hs.GetDeviceRefbyName("light Up Hall Central Scene")

    My switch was was group "light" in room "Up Hall". Or you can push a couple of the buttons and check the logs for the central scene messages to get the name.
    E.g. Device: light Up Hall Central Scene Set to 4000

    If you have duplicate device features (say I had two of these in the same room), it might give the wrong answer. In that case change the names on the Central Scene child devices to make them unique.

    Thanks for the thorough write-up. I bought one of these at initial release but haven't put it into production yet. This will reduce the head scratching.


      It was your post discussing central scene on the WS200+ that let me come up with a workable solution.