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Event Device Selection Anomaly

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    Event Device Selection Anomaly

    Running HS4 and the UPBSpud plug-in. All devices are displayed under the Devices menu option of HS web control. I'm experiencing an odd situation when trying to create an Event based on the status of a device in the living room. They are displayed in the Devices list but when I attempt to select one of them in the Event control device option, it isn't in the list to select.

    When I change the state of the device from the switch (on/off) the status indicator changes accordingly in the Devices list.

    I'm not sure why it isn't available when creating an Event. I've re-programmed all UPB devices in UPStart and generated a new export and loaded it into the UPBSpud plug-in but it has no affect.

    Any suggestion on what might be the cause?


    How are the devices named? HS4 seems to have a problem differentiating "features" of devices with the same room name under some circumstances. I'm wondering if your problem could be related.
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      The home is a one story ranch style. This image shows the devices that aren't available when creating Events. All the devices follow the same naming convention... floor, room, device name. If what you mentioned is the issue, how is it resolved since multiple devices in the same room would be identified as such for management purposes.

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