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Nest thermostat reporting "Offline" when commands are sent

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    Nest thermostat reporting "Offline" when commands are sent

    My Nest thermostat (which still works with HS) seems to show as being offline more often in the last several months in my HS log. The events that fail mostly run in the morning to warm the house in the morning and then a bit later set the thermostat for the day based on the forecasted highs and lows. I don't see this as often in the evening when events start to let the temp drop or set cooling for sleeping.

    I thought I'd improved this a bit by placing the router on a z-wave plug and rebooting it every morning to reset both the local session with the router and remote sessions with Nest in the cloud.

    All my commands have 35-45 seconds between them so it's shouldn't be a sequencing timing limit issue enforced by Nest. that logs a different message.

    The seemed to work for a while, but it seems to be getting more common again.

    From log..."WARNING Can't adjust target temperature while thermostat is offline"

    Is anybody else seeing this type of issue?