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Which sprinkler control system do you use?

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    Originally posted by skybolt View Post

    Right and you have to do that for all zones. So 16 zones, 16 suspensions, also that suspends that zone in all schedules.
    You can suspend all from app in a few clicks.
    Click on the settings (cog) and then pause.


      Originally posted by brientim View Post

      You can suspend all from app in a few clicks.
      Click on the settings (cog) and then pause.
      Thank you for the responses, but my point was and still is, suspending a zone(s) will suspend that zone(s) in all schedules. That is not the ability to suspend a schedule.

      The need to suspend a schedule is the ability to have multiple schedules that can be enabled and disabled at will or according to what is needed. For example, I like to have a schedule that runs all zones for blowing out the lines at the end of the season or when ever is needed but don't want to re-set all of the times. This would also apply to having two schedules running, one in the morning and one in the evening. Now say, for what ever reason, you don't want the evening schedule to run for a few days but still want the morning one to run, how is that handled? With other systems you just disable that schedule, then enable it when you want it to run again.

      Hydrawise doesn't allow this. I also spoke with their tech support about this issue and they are considering adding that ability but confirmed, what I am talking about, doesn't currently exist. There further explained that they are geared towards commercial accounts and management of those accounts.



        Yes you are correct and Hydrawise was designed for golf courses and commercial installation.

        It provides the granular control over the zone, zones, all zones, controller or customer but not the turn of/off the individual schedule.


          If you are into DIY work it is quite easy to steer irrigation valves by Z-wave switches, then you can create events directly in your HA system.

          This is what I did for myself, first for the balcony (let say there are three zones there), then outside the house (another 4 zones).

          Both systems are integrated with bluetooth Xiaomi Flora plant sensors (they provide data as moisture, temperature, fertility and lux level) via Domoticz running on PiZero (there is a plugin for Domoticz integrating Plant sensor, then data is passed to HomeSeer)

          This way the watering is done only if the soil is dry.


            I use MCSSprinklers Pro with a cheap GoControl Zwave sprinkler controller. I have an Ambient Weather station that I use to get the Solar Radiation and rain amounts.

            MCS Sprinklers gets all the weather data online as well. It takes some time to set up, but it works awesome.

            I have a Homeseer event to turn on and off sprinklers for blowout. Hook up the air compressor and then it turns on a zone for x number of minutes and waits y minutes for the compressor to refill. Each zone get 3 passes...
            HS3 Pro Edition (Windows Server 8.1 on ESXi box)

            Plug-Ins Enabled:
            weatherXML:,JowiHue:,APCUPSD:,PHLocation:,Chromecast:,EasyTr igger: