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Status Graphics based on status of other device

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    Status Graphics based on status of other device

    Is it possible to have the status graphics of a device set by referencing the status of a different device?

    For example:
    I have Garage Door objects that open close with relays. However, if you hit close the graphics show the door closed immediately. I would rather show the graphic status by referencing the alarm system sensor.

    Is that possible?
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    There's a few ways to do this, here's 2 that I use:
    1. The easiest is to go to the Status/Graphics page for the device and edit the device's graphic image. The images are kept in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS4\html\images\HomeSeer\status" folder. If your alarm system's icons are in a different folder - you'll need to copy them to Homeseer's folder.
    2. You can create a virtual device to hold the status graphic. As an example, this comes in handy for me for my front door. The icon needs to show the result of a combination 2 device statuses: door open/closed status and dead bolt locked/unlocked/unknown. You can use a script or events to set the status graphic when the device changes status.


      Here I use two Window/Door sensors from Aeotec the Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro and an Aeotec Smart Switch 6. The motor is plugged into the current monitoring Smart Switch, There is a single magnet attached to the top of the door. When the door is fully closed the magnet is next to the "Door Closed" sensor and when the door is up, it's next to the "Door Open" sensor. This way I can tell if the door is opening, closing, open or closed. I might have been able to do this with just a single Door sensor as it has a built-in Tilt sensor as well.

      Check out this post as well as it directly applies to your situation,

      Roger D.