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SUPER BASIC setup help

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    SUPER BASIC setup help

    I've read and watched every video I could find but am still struggling.

    I just purchased the following:
    • Home troller pro
    • Nortek zwave & zigbew usb stick
    • Homeseer dimmer switch
    I'm trying to connect the dimmer to the hub but am not having luck. Here's what I did:
    • Plugged everything in and registered
    • Installed stick drivers
    • Added z wave interface (there was no "nortek" option so I chose the "generic" choice)
    • Went to the menu to add node, then hit the paddle on the dimmer
    Nothing happens... The log keeps saying searching until it eventually times out. There is a qr code on the switch but I don't see anywhere to use that.

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I'm guessing I picked the wrong option when I setup the controller?

    'Interface Model' option 'Generic Serial Controller' or 'Sigma Designs UZB' should both be ok.

    The dimmer is powered and operates manually, correct?

    To add the node, you're selecting 'Add/Include Node' from the 'Actions' menu, correct?


      Really appreciate your help. I found the Z-tool+ that helped me through it. Just downloaded and connected it up. Not sure why it didn't work before. I also switched from "Generic Serial Controller" to Homeseer Smartstick +, but I'm sure that made no difference.

      Either way, issue solved. Thanks for your help.


        Great! Yeah, all the serial options are the same, just a passthru.