Hey All!

Just got the HS4 upgrade and will be doing the update in a few days, or as soon as my new z-wave interface arrives, I’m still using the Z-Troller I got when they first came out so I thought now would be a good time to update that as well.

One of the projects is I have 8 Cooper/Eaton 5 button scene controllers, they are in a 4 gang box at each end of the room, they’ve been sitting un configured for a year or so because I’m to lazy to do the work to get them set up…lol

The reason all the controllers is I want to control 20 lighting scenes in the room, the room is a theater with 15 Philips Hue bulbs and I want to create events that changes the colors to some presets design will design.
I have watched the excellent video HS put out on how to set this up, “Thanks HS” but I was wondering if it’s possible to slave or clone a scene controller so that for example the first controller in each gang is the same, that would cut the work of setting things up in half.
I suspect this could be done with associations and or groups but I really don’t get how that works yet. I know each switch in my z-wave network has an association with HS but that as far as my understanding goes.
So if anyone has a link to any good information that topic that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again